Learning Theory Matrix

Well, here it is! I’m a little lost at the moment, but hoping throughout this semester, I figure out how to navigate this blog website.

Creating this matrix definitely helped in refreshing myself on all the different learning theories that I have no studied in a while. It is interesting because I have learned about all these different theories from different courses and it was nice to put them all side by side. I really enjoyed learning about the new Connectivism theory and hope to utilize this theory within my own classroom one day.

Some links I used to help myself research more about the theories (and learn how to make a matrix in Word) are:





1 thought on “Learning Theory Matrix

  1. Amber I am just like you……this is all new to me. I hope that I will become more proficient with this technology as we move through this course. I was a little intimidated by this assignment and creating a blog. Hopefully with time and using this site more it will become easier for me.


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